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       Misc. Items

Milk Case               
10-9200    In Stock                                 
16 L Milk Case Dark blue 13x13x11  

10-9202   In Stock
16 l Milk Case Black 13x13x11   


                                                               Agriculture Containers 

In Stock       
 10-9402 (Yellow) 
In Stock   



                                                                                                   Recycle Box - In Stock                          
12.5 gal blue recycle box 21x15x13 


         Clearance Items


Turtle Tank Water Hauling Tank
Model UTP-350                                            
37 H x 62 Diam x 48 Bottom Diam
350 Imperial Gallons


Manufactured from polyethylene with long term UV
stability.  Tank is opaque & heavy duty    
Designed to fit between the wheel wells
                                                                                     *All measurements are approximate


                                                                             Total Drainage Elliptical Tank                       
                                                                                            Model 40328 
                                                                                                              57 x 38 x 82
US Gallons 

                                                                                                             When complete drainage is necessary, these are the tanks                                                                                                                                     of choice.  They are designed primarily for use on fertilizer                                                                                                    and chemical nurse trailers.  The floor of the tank is s                                                                                                                 with a drain mounted fitting in the centre of the tank. 
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